Shop - Mouse Wired/Wireless Zeroground RGB MS-4200WG HASIBA v3.0


The wired and wireless RGB mouse Zeroground MS-4200WG HASIBA v3.0 is programmable and has sensor Pixart 3325 that offers high precision control up to 10000dpi quickly adjustable for different gaming scenarios
The mouse is dual mode wired/wireless 2.4GHz (contains nano receiver)
The USB Type-C detachable cable is for charging and it can be used for wired mode
Built in 600mAh rechargeable battery
RGB chroma light with 9 lighting modes switchable
Due to the honeycomb shell design the mouse has ultra light weight (only 97gr) and offer us endless game play without effort
Right and left handed design

Sensor: PIXART 3325
Number of buttons:9
Speed: up to 100 inch/sec
Left and right key lifetime: HUANO 20 million times
Resolution: up to 10000dpi
Lighting: RGB chroma light, 9 lighting mode switchable
Acceleration:up to 20 G
Frame rate: Self adjust
Polling rate: 1000Hz
Processor: ΒΕΙΥΙNG
Weight: 97gr
Cable lenght:1.5m

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