Speaker Edifier M201BT

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Edifier M201BT Bluetooth Speaker 2.1 adopt digital audio processing, precise electronic frequency division and dynamic management, well match the characteristics of the unit, and ensure the balance of middle and high frequency. Equipped with a 131mm large-diameter woofer, combined with a front-mounted inverter tube, the low frequency is powerful and powerful, and the sound field atmosphere is panoramically constructed.

Output power: r/l (medium and treble): 8w+8w sw: 18w
68 watts peak power output with 5’’ woofer
Signal to noise ratio: r/l: >85db(a) sw: >80db
Input sensitivity: aux input r/l: 500±500mv sw: 110±20mv
Bluetooth input: r/l: 500±50mffs sw: 110±20mffs
Input port: aux, bluetooth
Frequency response range: r/l: 210hz-20khz sw: 63hz-206hz
Total harmonic distortion of sound pressure: <7%. Connectivity : Bluetooth & Wired Input Interface : 3.5mm AUX, Bluetooth

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